vaadin-select webcomponent in an angular app

I have been trying to get some of the Vaadin components to work in an angular application (freshly created with ng new). So far I have followed the and successfully used some of the components (including vaadin-combo-box). However, the vaadin-select does not show any popup.

<vaadin-select label="Label" placeholder="Placeholder">
      <vaadin-item>Option one</vaadin-item>
      <vaadin-item>Option two</vaadin-item>

The select box is shown as well as the label and placeholder, but clicking the chevron does not reveal the items. I am using the latest version of Vaadin webcomponents together with Angular 8.2.11 (also tried 9.1.1, same result).

Is there anything else I need to do?

I am having the exact same problem, clicking the chevron does nothing