Vaadin PUSH problem


I have set up a project using Vaadin push and it all works well.

I can push events from the Server side and the behaviour is as I expect on the client browser.

However, if I leave the application overnight or several hours and come back to the browser session again - everything works as normal in terms of the application but the pust notifications do not work. There are no errors that I can see on the server application side.

If I restart the tomcat server serving my application - all is well again and everythiing works as expected including PUSH.

I am new to using PUSH and the atmosphere framework so any suggestions on how I might go about debugging this
would be helpful.

I have noticed that the problem arises whether the browser session orginates on the local LAN or on an external browser that accesses the application through firewalls. Also it seems to occur whether the push protocol is Websocket or Long-Polling.

I have configured my application for PUSH using the following annotation with no parameters.


I am using vaadin-push-7.5-rc1.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

thanks and best regards,

The push channel (and the client session) will be killed off after some period of inactivity - you could try adding session life cycle listeners with logging, as described in
section 4.8 of The Book
. You could also try to use a tighter heartbeat, or adding your own “ping” routine for the clients to keep the session active.

Failing all that, post a test case and we’ll take a look. :slight_smile: