Vaadin push JBoss 5.1.2

Hi all,
By mistake I’ve removed my old post about some issues that I was having trying to use Vaadin Push with JBoss EAP 5.1.2. Anyway, short story: even I do all what the manual says to enable the push (using streaming) I can’t manage to make it work under JBoss.
I’ve debugged the jboss classes and I found this in org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve (just before calling the filters):
boolean comet = false;
if (
servlet instanceof HttpEventServlet
&& request.getAttribute(“”) == Boolean.TRUE) {
comet = true;

As the VaadinServlet is not an HttpEventServlet (is an HttpServlet) the comet is not set as true and the Filter which sends the HttpEvent needed by Atmosphere is never called and the class JBossWebCometSupport receives a null in req.getAttribute(HTTP_EVENT);

Have you seen this before? Thanks!!

I guess Vaadin makes direct usage of AtmosphereFramework, meaning the event method from the AtmosphereServlet which receives a Jboss HTTPEvent is never called.

It seems also there’re several event methods defined in AtmosphereServlet to support Tomcat AIO and JBossWeb AIO.
Is there a Vaadin counterpart to support this?