Vaadin Push (Atmosphere) gets crazy on 24.1

Vaadin 24.1 push generates **thousands **of requests making the application unresponsive.
In the attached pictures the browser console and network.

  1. Not all the views have this problem. We could not find a pattern.
  2. Requests are generated even if the user is not interacting with the browser.
  3. We did not observe this effect with the 24.0.
  4. We are using the webexporter (views are web-components).

Any idea ?

You should first: create an issue in the flow repo about it and secondly show / tell us how you use push.

Also setting log level for org.atmosphere to debug or trace can help identifying what is going on (be aware that it will produce a lot of log entries)
And what’s the response body for those xhr requests?

ok. Let’s enable the logging and have a better comparison between 24.0 and 24.1. Then I will eventulliy fill a bug on Vaadin Flow.
Speaking on bugs, it looks like this one
We are on Liberty too.

@wondrous-pug do you have invisible components in the views that present the problem?

@versatile-zorse Sorry for the delay in the answer. Yes, we have components that are hidden after specific conditions.
We have work-arounded the situation going back to 24.0.x and disabling the push with @Push(PushMode.DISABLED)

Latest 24.1 releas has a fix for that issue

Do you mean the 24.1.2?

no, the latest should be 24.1.4?

The fix was in Flow 24.1.2

And in the platform 24.1.2

Great, Thanks