Vaadin push and JNDI lookup

I’m trying to use server push and JPAContainer addon together with a persistence-unit installed to java:comp/env/persistence/em.
If @Push is enabled for my UI class, I get a NamingException (attached). Without @Push everything works fine.
Can someone help me how to use JPAContainer and push function together?
14147.txt (26.3 KB)

after update to vaadin 7.2.1 with push enabled app.

@Push(value = PushMode.AUTOMATIC,transport = Transport.WEBSOCKET) lookup secured ejb throws

 ​javax.ejb.AccessLocalException: Client not authorized for this invocation

Thanks, but unfortunately this doesn’t help too much, something is wrong with the JNDI lookup. If I comment the @Push annotation, the application works well.
If push is enabled, JPAContainer still throws the exception.

I’ve tried to do some tests about JNDI, and with an enabled push the following throws an exception as well:
new InitalContext().lookup(“java:comp/env”).
Again: without push there is no problem.

Does somebody have a working push application with datasources from java persistence api?

Strange: with
@Push(value = PushMode.AUTOMATIC,transport = Transport.STREAMING)
it seems to be working.
What is the advantage/disatvantage of using STREAMING?