vaadin protlet not deployed

Hi ,
I am using liferay 6.0.5 and weblogic 10.3 application server and vaadin 6.7.4 for portlet, when i try to deploy new using plugin installer , i upload the war file and get the below message in the log with no errors but the deployment never starts no matter how much time I wait .

23:33:38,836 INFO [AutoDeployDir:167]
Processing RolePortlet.war
23:33:38,837 INFO [PortletAutoDeployListener:71]
Copying portlets for /opt/web/domains/deploy/RolePortlet.war
Expanding: /opt/web/domains/deploy/RolePortlet.war into /tmp/20150115233338838
Copying 1 file to /tmp/20150115233338838/WEB-INF/classes
Copying 1 file to /tmp/20150115233338838/WEB-INF/classes

Copying 1 file to /tmp/20150115233338838/WEB-INF
Building war: /tmp/20150115233339334
Deleting directory /tmp/20150115233338838
23:33:40,042 INFO [PortletAutoDeployListener:81]
Portlets for /opt/web/domains/deploy/RolePortlet.war copied successfully. Deployment will start in a few seconds.

can anyone helps me and tell me how to fix this ?