Vaadin programming with Ruby

Hi everyone,

i recently started to create a set of Ruby (JRuby) gems called “Rubydin” (the naming is borrowed from the Scala wrapper “Scaladin”) to make programming with Vaadin more Rubyish.

Rubydin is currently not even in an alpha stage and i only extend it to fit my needs for developing the server software of my home automation system “CoYoHo”. Eventually we may use Rubydin at work for some of our projects. So don’t expect to find anything industrial grade at the moment :wink:

In 2009 somebody posted a message on this forum about how to use Vaadin with Ruby, but there were only a few replies to it. So i am wondering if there are any Vaadin users at all, who would like to use Vaadin with the Ruby language. I may ask the same question on the Ruby side in the hope to make more Ruby developers interested in using the Vaadin framework.

You can find the Rubydin source code at Github (licensed under the Apache License 2.0):

Rubydin project site:

As an example application, you can find the CoYoHo source code at Github (licensed under the Apache License 2.0):

CoYoHo project site:

Dirk Grappendorf