Vaadin portlets on Liferay causes a weird scrolling on Firefox (Geko)

Hi, this is the issue. We’re working with Vaadin 6.4.9 portlets on the Liferay 5.2.3 portal.

When I put as many portlets as needed to overcome the height of the window, (using only “hello world” Vaadin portlets instances) and refresh the page (regardless of layout), on Geko based browsers such as Mozilla and Firefox; the window scroll bar is moved to the middle approx of it, causing a weird scrolling on the user perspective. I tested it on IE 6,7,8 and 9, Chrome, Safari and Opera too, but they worked fine.

I have searched what could be happening but I find nothing. I think this issue is maybe related to some “on focus” javascript events on fields or maybe for the using of Table UI components; i don’t know. I repeated the experiment using this time only Struts portlets and the problem does not happen; so I’m almost convinced that this issue only is related to Vaadin portlets, and maybe the Liferay version.

Does anybody have an idea of what could be happening here? Can anyone reproduce this bizarre behavior on a portal page?


Hi me too I have the same problem with my Vaadin porlets in Liferay portal, I do not know if anyone else has it and someone has already found a possible solution?

I would greatly appreciate your answers.

I have the same problem. Chrome causes it too.
Is there anything new on this?

I still haven’t found the solution by myself. You can follow the evolution of this ticket :