Vaadin portlets in Apache Jetspeed2 ?


I´m running a jetspeed portal and have started using Vaadin to build portlets for it. So far they are very simple and I just want to see if it´s possible to do and as an example I´ve tried the demo at
without any luck.

The portlets init seem to run (I can see entries from that in the logs), but jetspeed displays just an empty portlet window with the portlet title and no rendered content.

Since I´ve seen in the forum that some people are using Liferay, I installed that and deployed both my own and the demo portlet mentioned above. Both work and display fine under Liferay…

Does anyone have experience with Vaadin and Jetspeed?


I tested Jetspeed2 with Vaadin today after seeing your post and there are a few issues there that causes it to not work properly.

Portlet 2.0 issues:

  • The widgetset and theme can not be loaded from a portlet 2.0 portlet.

    • solution: add the VAADIN folder to a webapps/ROOT/html/ directory and it will load the widgetsets and themes from there
  • The portlet 2.0 in Vaadin seems to make an assumption about how to add a parameter to the url it uses for UIDL requests. The assumption is wrong in Jetspeed 2.

  • work around: override ApplicationPortlet2.getVaadinConfigurationMap and change “portletUidlURLBase” to end in an extra “?1”

  • Vaadin renders the portlet contents to the wrong div. There are two divs being generated, both with the same id. Because of this the contents appear to be below the actual portlet.

  • solution/work around: unknown

Created and for these issues

Hi Artur,

I am trying to use Vaadin portlets with jetspeed 2. I am facing the problem stated above. The solution gave by you seems to work fine for liferay where we can define the path to the widgets in Can you please let me know how you have got this working with jetspeed 2.

You do not need to define the path anywhere. It will by default try to use “/html/VAADIN/…” so just copy the VAADIN directory into a “html” directory in the ROOT folder. Test it by e.g. opening http://server/html/VAADIN/themes/reindeer/styles.css in a browser - you should see the CSS file and then it should work.