Vaadin Portlets Don't Render after Browser Back

I have created some Vaadin portlets for Liferay. The vaadin portlets display just fine when I navigate to them. When I navigate to another page and then press the browser back button, the vaadin portlets do not render. Any ideas?

I am using Vaadin 6.4.6 and Liferay 6.0.5


Does page reload help? This might be related: What I talked to Nate at the Liferay Symposium Europe, there was some problems with the page JavaScripts being executed in 6.0.5 that has been fixed since. I haven’t tested, but if you have the possibility to test with some nightly version of Liferay?

A page reload does help. I will try to test a nightly build of LIferay.

Do you happen to use Chrome? There seems to be a weird issue that Chrome tries to load the widgetset from the wrong location when you press the “back” button in the browser (

You’re right. Looks like it is a problem with Chrome.