Vaadin plugin for Eclipse 3.0 Beta

We have been working hard with a renewal to our Eclipse plugin. The largest effort has been proper support for Maven projects, but there are improvements for all users. Highlights of the upcoming 3.0 version:

  • All new Vaadin projects are Maven-based by default
  • Project templates are based on Maven archetypes
  • Updated look and feel for dialogs, icons and wizards
  • New “Notifications Center” that consolidates all Vaadin related notifications
  • Easily use Vaadin pre-releases version in your project
  • Shortcuts to compile Vaadin widgetset and theme

To help us iron out the last rough edges, we hope you could install the beta version today. To do that, choose “Help → Install New Software” and work with our beta update site:

Let us know about your findings, bugs and things you like in the new plugin. You can comment on this thread or fill in new issue at