Vaadin + OSGi not working in IE9

I have a project which uses Vaadin(6.8.0) in an OSGi setup.
Everything works fine in the supported browsers (IE7, IE8, Chrome, FF) … Except IE9.

After a long search I found the problem.

As of IE9 the CSS handling is much stricter.

CSS files that don’t contain the MIME-type “text/css” will not get loaded into the browser.
The result is a beautiful white screen.

I have a Vaadin-static bundle which contains my theme (extending the Reindeer theme).
This bundle gets exported so other bundles can use it, but i guess this is where the CSS-files lack the MIME-type “text/css” in the headers.

Has anyone else experienced the same problems?
Is there a way to fix this?

Upgrading to the latest Vaadin version (6.8.5) does not fix the problem.

We fixed the problem by using the latest version of the VaadinOSGi on Github.

Changes were made for the css-MIME-type issue, but no version of the addon was released.

I have no idea why they did not release that version.