Vaadin on http://localhost:8080/


I played around with Vaadin in the past.
Right now I’m working on a different project without Vaadin and had to notice that when I open the “http://localhost:8080/” adress, Vaadin shows up on a styled UI page with this text shown:

Project Base for Vaadin

You are offline

Project Base for Vaadin requires an internet connection to work. You do not seem to have access to the server right now. Check your internet connection and try reloading the page to use the application.

I don’t have any projects running and am confused why anything is shown at all.
How do I get rid of it to be able to use “http://localhost:8080/” feely again?

It’s likely that your previous Vaadin project was configured with PWA support. You need to remove the service worker registration for localhost.


That did the trick, thank you.