Vaadin OAuth2 / ServletFilter problem


Im trying to get our application to use OAuth2 to authenticate access to a rest-resource.
Im using Springs OAuth2 module.
Basicly that means enabling OAuth2Client with: @EnableOAuth2Client
Which will then create a filter oauth2ClientContextFilter, that will handle redirect to the authentication server and fetching the oauth2 token.
I can see the filter is added to filterchain, but it seems it is never run.
When i do exactly the same in a pure helloworld-spring boot app, it runs without problem.
Does Vaadin handle the filterchain differently? And if so how do we get this filter to run?

Ok, i have verified that the oauth2ClientContextFilter does actually run like it should.
But when it tries to redirect the user to the authorization-app url, then nothing happens.
This redirect is happening in the oauth2ClientContextFilter

this.redirectStrategy.sendRedirect(request, response, .encode().toUriString());

The redirectStrategy is of type

It seems this does not work with Vaadin?