I’m a long-time Netbeans user familiar with their VWP package for developing server side web applications. VWP is dead, and I stopped updating Netbeans some time ago. Just tripped over Vaadin, and it looks like it may be a good replacement. I downloaded the latest Netbeans package and installed the Vaadin plugin. I can run the first couple of sample programs - so far so good…

But I need a bit of help getting started… Can someone tell me how (or if it is possible) to load a pallette into the Netbeans environment so I can drag/drop things like buttons, pull-down selectors, tables etc. into a Netbeans application? Or have I misunderstood how this works - do I have to type everything in using raw java to create the UI if I’m using Netbeans?

Also, should it be possible (easy, I’m hoping) to combine Vaadin with Hibernate for my database access in a single application?

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Unfortunately there is no drag and drop support of components on NetBeans. For Eclipse there is a visual designer tool under construction which can already be tried out with the latest versions of the Eclipse plugin. This might make it to the future versions of the NetBeans plugin also, but I’m not the right person to comment on these plans. :slight_smile:

Yes, Hibernate is quite widely used in Vaadin applications. Some pointers to get you started:

Thanks for the info. Maybe, after 10+ years, it’s time to try Eclipse… Or perhaps I’ll just bring up Vaadin directly and see what happens with that. Time to look at some tutorials…

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