Vaadin Meetup after JavaOne in San Francisco / bay area

Would you be interested in coming to Vaadin meetup on Thu Oct 6 right after JavaOne in San Francisco / bay area?

It would be an informal meeting where developers using or interested in Vaadin Framework could share experiences with each other; we could have a look at the roadmap ahead and give everyone an opportunity to demo what they have built with Vaadin…

We have not yet decided to put this together, but if enough people are interested it would be great. If you would like to join, post to this thread…

Wrong date, wrong place or wrong agenda?

Hello Vaadin users,

Great news, good amount of developers have asked me about the meetup. Therefore we’ll arrange a Vaadin Meetup in San Francisco on October 6, 2011. The event starts at 5:30 PM and ends 8:00 PM. The beer and meetup itself is free of charge.

Meetup is held at Hotel Serrano, 405 Taylor Street. It’s just 150 feet away from the heart of JavaOne 2011, so you can easily just walk in if you are attending to JavaOne.

We’ll start with presenting Vaadin roadmap and telling the latest news regarding Vaadin. After that all Vaadin users have the opportunity to give quick 15 minute presentations. I have couple presentations already on the queue. If you are interested too, just go to
and contact me.

Note that you have excellent opportunity to discuss with multiple Vaadin Experts including me and our CEO Joonas Lehtinen.

After the meetup we’ll move to Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen which is adjacent to Serrano Hotel. They claim to have amazing drinks and great variety of beer. We’ll be happy to offer you a drink and continue discussion in a more relaxed environment.

If you come by with a car, let us take care of your parking costs, Hotel Serrano offers valet parking.

Links to directions:

Vaadin Meetup: Hotel Serrano

After the meetup: Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen
(adjacent to Vaadin Meetup place)

Google maps


Hello Vaadin users!

We are setting up a cool Vaadin Meetup during JavaOne @ San Francisco. Same place as last year, 150 feet from JavaOne, but the time will be Oct 2nd and we start at 5pm.

To make things interesting I am calling YOU to stand up and quickly present your favorite Vaadin based project on the meetup! We had nice presentations coming from our community last year and we intend to continue this practice. It can be a widget or full blown application, as long as you keep it technical and 15 minute long tops. Please send an email to so I can reserve a slot for you. And if you just wish to come and see our presentations, that is fine too :slight_smile:

And yes, there will be lots of food, beer and fun socializing with Vaadin experts coming from all around the world.