vaadin maven plugin sourcecode


I would like to write an m2e connector for vaadin maven plugin (theme-compiler).

Where can I find the plugin code?

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Did you ever get around to doing this? Supporting also a few other common goals of the plug-in in an m2e connector would permit removing quite a lot of m2e configuration from quite a few POMs.

I know this is an old thread, but in case you haven’t found it or someone else looks for it: the easiest way is to get it from GitHub (
), whereas changes to it go via our gerrit code review system (see

On the other hand, on-the-fly theme compilation with the recent (and upcoming) improvements to caching can be sufficient for many development workflows so that you might only need to compile the theme when creating a production mode WAR. Then again, on-the-fly compilation is much faster in the “run” mode than in “debug” as the JVM will not perform certain JIT optimizations when the VM is started with debugging enabled and/or a debugger connected.