vaadin-maven-plugin docs?


I was not able to find “vaadin-maven-plugin” documentation or its home page. Is there any place where various config tags are exaplained (goals too). I am particularly interesyed in


I konw about in-place widgetset compilation but why would I want it (why not compile to target folder), how can I tweak it, etc.

Thank yoy!


I would also be interested in a documentation.

Some of the attributes seem identically to the gwt plugin:


Our docs definitely would need some improvement on this area. Vaadin Maven plugin is practically a fork of that gwt-maven-plugin, so mostly you can refer to its options. Additionally there is some sass based theme compilation bundled into the same plugin.

Also note that if you IDE is properly configured, it should be able to show documentation automatically when modifying you pom.xml:



Can you please explain waht do you mean by “IDE is properly configured”? I use Netbeans and I checked maven and Vaadin plugin settings, but I don’t get tihs popup with the docs.


is there any online documenation for “vaadin-maven-plugin” ?

Unfortunately following link doesn’t work any more:

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.


please see
and the wiki pages linked from there.


Thank you for your replay.
That docu i already know.

But i am looking for detail documentation of the “vaadin-maven-plugin” contaiing:

  • what are possible configuration parameters like “draftCompile, compileReport, style …”. and what they stand for?
  • complete list of possible goals like “update-theme, update-widgetset, …” and correspinding documentation