Vaadin Maven Plugin - Babel Issue

Hi all,

A rather urgent concern for me and my team : We cannot build our Vaadin flow project anymore :frowning:

Our Vaadin version is 14.1.2, and usually, our build is done with the help of the vaadin-maven-plugin.

Specifically, the goal “Build-frontend” calls “npm install”, which does a bunch of Node.js related stuff (sorry for vagueness, but the whole node.js relationship with Vaadin is a bit over my head).

This has always worked in the past, but apparently, there has been some “Babel” release, and an issue with it ( ) .

Which leads to the project not building anymore, because of a lot of errors of this kind

ERROR in ../nodemodules/@vaadin/vaadin-grid/src/vaadin-grid.js?babel-target=es5
Module build failed (from ../nodemodules/babel-loader/lib/index.js):*
grid.js: Unknown helper createSuper

I’m investigating about it, but any help would be greatly welcome :slight_smile:

I have not experienced that particular error, but the following usually helps when i have experienced problems with the frontend build

rm -rf node_modules
npm install
mvn clean

Unfortunately it doesn’t help here :frowning:

I’ve tried :

  • Wiping out node_modules
  • Wiping out the entire workspace on Jenkins(where the build occurs)
  • Purging all dependencies, which forced Maven to re-download everything from Nexus

And still, I keep getting those things (for all the modules,but that’s basically the same error everywhere)

ERROR in ../node_modules/@vaadin/vaadin-app-layout/src/vaadin-app-layout.js?babel-target=es5
Module build failed (from ../node_modules/babel-loader/lib/index.js):
ReferenceError: .../node_modules/@vaadin/vaadin-app-layout/src/vaadin-app-layout.js: Unknown helper createSuper

EDIT : the issue disappeared when building on another Jenkins server. It is strange, because the previous one always worked fine for the past year. Any idea what could have happened?


did you try to delete the maven repository completely (remove the .m2 directory contents?