Vaadin Material Design

Vaadin Material design version 1 is out.
It has a better fresh design. Thanks for all the effort.

But I have a few questions. Will this replace the Valo theme altogether? We are working on a mobile web-app built with Vaadin 8. Couldn’t decide whether to convert to material design. I can see that new design also supports a new layout and other custom components. Is this material design an integral part of the Vaadin framework? If not will it be in the near future? Any roadmaps regarding Valo theme and Material design?

I’ll be grateful for any light shed on the matter.

Nope, it will not replace Valo. It’s not an “official” theme (as in, a part of the Framework 8 like Valo) and I don’t think there are any plans to make it official. Vaadin 10’s theming is another story, although as of now it’s quite poorly documented, stay tuned for more information regarding that.