Vaadin map application development (China)

I am assigned to use Vaadin to develop a map application which is required to use China map (whose provider is a China company) and Google map. This application requires showing some data such as sales, markers as well as background color on states, city (see attachment). I cann’t figure it out how to start. I do appreciate your help.


Hi, I’m guessing the map that you need to use has a client side API similar to [Google Maps JavaScript API]
( If so, you will need to create a client side Vaadin component which wraps or manipulates the map API. You’ll need to implement Vaadin connectors and GWT widgets in Java that is translated into JavaScript code and runs in the browser. I suggest you read the [documentation about client side development]
( After that, you can take a look at existing implementations such as the [Google Maps add-on]
( and it’s [GWT api]
( dependency.

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to spend some time learning the concept of client side Vaadin development if you don’t have experience with it yet.