Vaadin Mail Liferay Portlet and UFW Firewall issue?

Hi everyone,

I need some help.

Vaadin works great in Liferay 6.0.6 CE. No issues. However that is with UFW disabled on Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS 64 bits.

But once I enabled UFW with the necessary ports, I couldn’t get it to work. When I click on any emails, it will show “Failed to retrieve content”. However everything works e.g. Liferay works, my ERP and other websites work too. Just the vaadin mail portlet not able to work properly in retrieving emails or read emails.

Right now I am using Vaadin to get emails from gmail. I configured this gmail portlet via the custom gmail account with the following settings.

port: 993
check use secure connection

port: 465
check use secure connection

However if I disable UFW, the vaadin mail portlet will work again. Any help?

FYI, I tried IPTables using the same ports like UFW, and the problem still exist.

Below is my UFW scripts.


ufw disable
ufw reset
ufw default deny incoming
ufw default allow outgoing
ufw allow ssh
ufw allow www
ufw allow Apache 
ufw allow Apache Full
ufw allow Apache Secure
ufw allow Nginx Full
ufw allow Nginx HTTP
ufw allow Nginx HTTPS
ufw allow OpenSSH
ufw allow mysql
ufw allow postgresql
ufw allow 9321
ufw allow 25 
ufw allow 80
ufw allow 993/tcp
ufw allow 143/tcp
ufw allow 109/tcp
ufw allow 465/tcp
ufw allow 479
ufw allow 279
ufw allow 110/tcp
ufw allow 995/tcp
ufw allow 587/tcp
ufw allow ntp
ufw enable
ufw status verbose

Hi Eric,

I’m not familiar with UFW but a quick look at your script suggests me that your firewall is blocking all incoming traffic except the ports and protos explicitly allowed. I can’t find any rule allowing DNS traffic, so you could check that DNS lookups really work correctly, eg. by issuing command:

  • Mikael