Vaadin, Liferay, Portlet theme in docroot/VAADIN

Hello everybody!

When creating a new Liferay project with vaadin support, the portlet themes in docroot/VAADIN/ won’t get loaded. It works fine when used from a regular Vaadin project. Is there a way to work around this problem? Apart from copying the themes to the global themes folder on the server.


So, you did copy the themes into ROOT/html/VAADIN/themes folder? All static resources like themes and widgetsets should be installed there and they are available to all portlets. They cannot be served from the single portlet war itself.

(side note: the path above is on Tomcat, differs on other servers, but the idea remains)

If you really need it, one way to get around this is to serve CSS and images not as a Vaadin theme but the Liferay way - with docroot/css etc. and loading them in liferay-portlet.xml with header-css (or something like that - I cannot recall right now).

The standard Vaadin themes should be in the shared directory on the portal, though.