Vaadin & Liferay 6.2 - When will it work out of the box?

At the moment we are working on an application based on Liferay and Vaadin portlets. Liferay 6.1 and Vaadin 6.8 do work without problems. The control panel can be easily installed and runs without problems.

As the final application shall be finished not before next spring/summer, we are thinking to switch to Vaadin7 on LR6.2. For that the new Vaadin control panel should be helpful (if i am right, it should provide function to upgrade vaadin jars), but it can not ne installed on 6.2, saying “not compatible”, if installed via liferay-package it just does not work.

And as i read, there are still some more issues betwenn Vaddin and LR6.2.

So, when is Vaadin expected to work on LR6.2 without issues and workarounds (includes running control panel)?

Thanks in advance

We are currently actively working with Liferay on getting Vaadin 7 included in Liferay 6.2. There are still some things which need to be ironed out before Vaadin 7 can be included so I cannot say any dates or give you any promises about when it will be ready. It is mostly up to the Liferay developers to greenlight it when they think it is ready.

You can follow the progress in Liferay’s ticket
if you’re interested.

About the control panel I have no idea about when it is will be ready since Vaadin no longer is maintaining it (The Vaadin blog entry
explains why in more detail). The Arcusys guys probably have a better estimate about when it will be ready.