Vaadin licensing for 2 different machines

Hi, I’m about to buy a Vaadin Pro liscence (since my trial is soon going to expire). However, I use two different machines (one on my laptop using a docker; the other on a Google Cloud VM) to do my development. Am I forced to buy a liscence for each machine instance that I use (even though I’m just one developer)? If not, is there anything special I need to do to copy/paste some liscence key from one machine to another?

Disclaimer: No license expert; just a regular user.

The license is developer based - so you would need one license. This license key can be passed as file in your home directory, environment variable or maven build argument. If you need offline access, you can create up to 3 (?) offline keys, which you could also distribute to the builds via environment variables or build arguments.


Hey @gsaxena. This is Kyle from Vaadin. Great to hear you are about to move forward with our Pro subscription. I’d be happy to support you with your question in more detail.

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Disclaimer: not really a license expert, either, but I do deal with a lot of license questions.

Usually the license checking during development happens as an online check, and that’s just a per-user thing. If you need offline access for development, you can generate two offline development keys with machine IDs. You can get these IDs from the console output if you’re trying to use a licensed product but have no access to the license server.

And then there’s the server license key, which lets you do production mode builds on a CI/CD server. This can also work offline, if you’re using a new enough version of Vaadin.

For more detailed information, please see the documentation here: Licenses | Configuration | Vaadin Docs

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