Vaadin large applications pattern?

Hello, I’m interested in write my next enterprise project using vaadin.

My concern is about the architecture to use… I mean, MVC, MVP or what? for real big applications

What is the official pattern for vaadin?

Maybe you guys can help me with this…

p.s: I’ve been throu this


Yeah, MVC is a good starter. You typically need:


View management

[/list]To get started, first go through
the Tutorial
. It shows some very basic ideas on how you develop apps with Vaadin.

app is another small (though less documented) “real application” that shows some basic patterns. See the
see the source code
, especially the application class and the main division into the model (data) and view/controller (ui), view management, etc. The user management is not finished yet. Not sure if this app is the best possible example, but I hope it gives some ideas.

add-on provides ready-packaged implementations for the above tasks. (The above examples do not use this, but rather make their own implementations of the basic patterns.)

Vaadin is actually a good choice for large applications, because having UI structure and logic in the code makes it straightforward to follow the traditional MVC/MVP patterns.

The largest Vaadin application I’ve worked with has almost a million SLOC and it uses many J2EE features and technologies.

@Marko Grönroos:

Hi, thanks for the answer!

I’ve worked with GWT, and now with the 2.0 release the buzz is MVP, event bus and things like that.
Do you think this pattern will apply to vaadin applications?
I’ve been seeing the MVP and UiBinder in this link and looks like the
gwt approach.

In your experience and working with the vaadin, which of these two is the most accurate to work with?

Another thing I am concerned is with the authentication/authorization feature. But I will post another thread for this

@Henri Muurimaa:

Very impressive, millions LOC!!! well, seems I am in the right way with Vaadin!