Vaadin JPAContainer 2.0.0 RC1 is out

Hi all Vaadinists,

As you might have noticed from increasing JPAContainer related discussions on the forum, we have been actively working on a new major version of the add-on. We have just release a RC version that should mean it is feature complete for the upcoming official 2.0.0 release. Next couple of weeks we’ll still be working very actively on it: improving documentation, doing some optimizations and fixing bugs that come up.

At this point we’d really appreciate all feedback. If you have used JPAContainer before or evaluated and dropped it for some reason, I hope you could try out the new version and tell us what you think about it. Feel free to communicate with forum or email, whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Some highlights of the new version:

  • JPA 2.0, e.g. use QueryModifierDelegate interface to customize queries built by JPAContainer with std. JPA Criteria API
  • Much easier instantiation of containers in most common cases with JPAContainerFactory
  • FieldFactory aka “roo without that ugly console”. When the FieldFactory is used with Vaadin Form (or Table) most essential reference types are handled without writing lots of boiler plate code. The FieldFactory automatically populates a select or table (backed up by another JPAContainer of the referenced type) that can be used to modify referenced values. This feature really accelerates your development especially if you are using fairly simple UI’s.
  • new maven archetype to get started quickly
  • A very simple tutorial that allows you to get started even without previous JPA experience

The add-on home page is already updated for the 2.0.0 version. You should find e.g. link to the tutorial via it.