Vaadin is Awesome

FYI. I converted an IceFaces application that took weeks to develop to Wicket in one weekend. It took me less than a day to convert the same application to Vaadin =)

Now the hard part… to try to convince our architects to use Vaadin instead of IceFaces…

We’ll try to help here on the forum as much as we can, so if anyone of your architects have tough questions you can’t answer, just point them this way :slight_smile:

I posted this question in another thread (

We can’t load test IceFaces apps using our current tools (ex HP LoadRunner). Can we use LoadRunner for Vaadin apps?


In fact, many people are using HP LoadRunner to load test ICEfaces applications. It’s simply a matter of collecting and echoing the ice.view and ice.session parameters and simulating a browser window close with a dispose-views request.

Ted, can you point me to some documentation so I can forward it to our EQA team? Thanks