Vaadin in real application

Hi folks

I’m new here and I’m really amazing with vaadin !! Realy cool and easy framework. But I have some doubts about investing in it ! You guys could help me ?

*) Someone are using vaadin in real application ? Could you tell me how was it ? Some architectural problens?
*) There is performance problens when you create a huge GUI ? or when there are many user sessions ?
*) Vaading plumbing stuff spend much memory in jvm container ? and when there are many user sessions ? I guess there is a lot code runnnging to generate this rich GUI’s.
*) Can I acess servlets objects (session, request, context etc…) during ajax requests ?
*) Can I use spring containers and your stuff in vaanin project ? there restrictions? or can I use as normal web servlet application ?
*) What about show reports ? Can a set some full http request and return PDF file ?
*) Vaadin runs in HTTPS mode ?

Best Regards.

Fernando Franzini

Hi Fernando and welcome. Here are some quick answers - others can fill in more details.

Vaadin and its predecessors (IT Mill Toolkit and Millstone) have been used in real large production applications since year 2001. IT Mill has created quite a few of them, but you can search for these forums for many other companies using Vaadin in production.

Depends on how many are many. Depending on application, you should be fine with tens of thousands of concurrent sessions per web server. There are many application specific factors that affect scalability.

If huge GUI:s mean hundreds or thousands of views - no problem. When UI components on screen concurrently is counted in hundreds, slower browsers will have hard time rendering all the components. The performance in this respect should not be any worse than with any other full features RIA framework.

As it is really easy to store things in session, it is not uncommon to store too much by accident when new with Vaadin. There should not be any architectural or framework specific problems on this respect though.


Yes. Search for Spring on forums for many examples, tutorials and application skeletons.

Should be easy - just say getWindow().open(new StreamResource(myGeneratorThatGivesPdfAsAStream, “report.pdf”, getApplication())) and report is dynamically generated and opened in your web browser.


Hi Joonas

Thanks for welcome and the answers. Nice to meet you too :smiley:
I’ve been studing vaadin pdf and seen the simples…I confess that I’m very impressed with the simplicity, quality and so the works vaadin ! You have done a good job !!
I take care of many applications here in Brazil and…I’ll do some architecture validations with vaadin…maybe start using in some projects…
I’m very excited…
So…I have many questions…but I’ll solve step by step…here there is a lot of answers…
Do you recomend any special links, tutorial or material ?
Best regards.

Hi Fernando,

our company also did a number of production apps at this point too, so feel free to ask me about any arch/performance related questions as well, will be happy to help you

Hi Dmitri Livotov :slight_smile:

OK ! Thanks…I’m reading oficial PDF…the doubts certainly will appear.
And…Are you using vaanin in any real project ?

Hi Fernando,

Since you are from Brazil, have you ran into


To be more specific, we currently have 1 high load Vaadin based app ( about 600 concurrently working users with a total of approx 1500…2000 unique users per day) and 3 apps with lower usage rates. You can read a bit more details on it in my
last meetup keynote.

Hi Henri Muurimaa

I never heard before…Thanks for tip.
Regards :bashful:

OK Dmitri

It’s enough for me…I’ll separate time to invest in vaadin framework.
I probably write something and post in my blog, helping to spread this great product.
Thanks for help.

Book of Vaadin is the best starting point:

DZone RefCard is a way to get a quick start:

As well as the Vaadin tutorial:

For more specific topics, check the wiki:
and search forums