Vaadin in IBM WebSphere Portal

Hi everyone!
I’m playing around with Vaadin 7 inside WebSphere Portal and with a couple of tweaks I made it running. The default sample with “Click Me” button worked like a charm!
But once I tried something more complicated, like “addressbook” app from tutorial, I’ve got my first real problem: the UI refused to show up, howeverI could see it in the source of the page. After spending some time debugging HTML/CSS I found a workaround and redefined
attrubutes inside
and .
v-splitpanel-vertical, .v-splitpanel-horizontal
classes. Here is what I mean:

@mixin addressbook {
@include valo;

// Insert your own theme rules here

.v-table-body {
height: 60vh !important;


.v-splitpanel-vertical, .v-splitpanel-horizontal {
position: relative !important;

[/code]After that the list of contacts showed up and all the buttons and features functioning properly. The only problem is that in this case my contact list is not occupying the whole available space on the page, but limits by 60vh as I told it to.
So I assume there is a client-side JavaScript, that Vaadin uses to do that, but for some reason it doesn’t work properly with the standard Portal theme with no errors in the console.
Any ideas how I can enable some kind of debugging in the JavaSript code to find clues what could be an issue?

I think in the default Websphere Portal theme the containers that surround the vaadin portlet do not have a height or a relative height set.
You just need one container with a set height. So you can give the the UI or the layout you use a height by calling setHeight(500px). After that step the UI should be displayed on the portal page.

I am working with Vaadin / Websphere Portal for almost 2 years now. So if you have more questions and more people are interested in this combination, I can add a wiki page with this topic.

Hi Meik,
Thanks for your answer! Yes, setting up a height should work. I was just thinking how I can get the same UI experience as in standalone Vaadin app. When it is occuping all existing height.

Yes, I am interested in this topic and there is supprisingly limited information about this combination. If you have any tips&tricks to share it will be very nice!

Vaadin and Liferay work together closely, but there is no real information about writing portlets for Websphere. I will create a wiki page for this topic.

I created some new wiki pages for this topic.