Vaadin in Eclipse32 on windows 7 64-designer dont display

i tested around with alot of different Versions and it seems on my system, the designer only runs on my eclipse64 installation. but with the XULRunner exception.
Under eclipse32bit installation all works fine, but when i hit design nothing happens, empty page.
He adds some lines to the code every time i switch between source and designview but never displays anything.

(/*- VaadinEditorProperties={“grid”:“RegularGrid,20”,“showGrid”:true,“snapToGrid”:true,“snapToObject”:true,“movingGuides”:false,“snappingDistance”:10} */)

Any idee how to get a complete working version under win764?

Unfortunately, Mozilla still does not make 64-bit XULRunner for Windows. Why it does not work with 32-bit Eclipse is not clear to me, but if you unregister XULRunner, Eclipse should fall back to using IE as the embedded browser.

Having the comment lines added once would be normal - they are some meta-data for the editor about snapping etc.
There is a bug in the visual editor that causes that comment to be added multiple times with Eclipse Indigo and later - see
ticket #7202