Vaadin in Azure Cloud


i have done an azure cloud deployment containing tomcat 7, a vaadin application as war file and .net web services. locally all works fine but in azure occasionally (rather random) the “session expired” or “out of sync” error appears. this happens mainly in ie and firefox… chrome seems to be fine. any ideas?

Have you enable sticky sessions? Otherwise you will likely get “Out of Sync” or similar weird errors at times.

thank you for the quick response! in the backend there’s also a round robin load balancer, so i don’t know if sticky sessions apply here? tomcat has the default settings though. the weird thing is, that it’s working fine with chrome… is there a different session handling for each browser? what else could be the problem?

ok, in chrome it also just happened… “session expired”

is there a way to debug this problem somehow?

i don’t know if this helps, but sometimes even the “communication error” with “Invalid security key” occurs. i can’t wrap my head around it… any help is much appreciated!