Vaadin Icon Issue in Flow

Icon icon = VaadinIcon.SIGN_IN.create();
I create icon for my button but it never shown. Because this code in Icon.class

public Icon(VaadinIcon icon) {
      this(ICON_COLLECTION_NAME,'_', '-'));

It replace I with ı
<iron-icon icon="vaadin:sıgn-ın" slot="prefix" style="color: rgb(22, 118, 243);"></iron-icon>
and never find icon.

But if i create like that
Icon icon = new Icon("vaadin", "sign-in");
it shown.

Hi tolga
This issue has recently been reported here: []
( You can go ahead and give that issue a thumbs up to show that more people want this to be resolved.

It has to do with your locale being turkish, all Icons with an I in it will probably not work for you currently due to that .toLowerCase() call in the Icon constructor, which will turn I to ı instead of i for people in turkish Locale. Until this is fixed, you will have to use your second way of creating the Icon if the needed icon contains an I.