Vaadin & GWT Developer Meetup in Paris tomorrow!

Vaadin & GWT Developer Meetup coming up tomorrow in Paris!

We will have a Vaadin & GWT Meetup in Paris, France on Wednesday March 27th, 2013. This is a good opportunity to meet other Vaadin users as well as discuss about the status and future of these leading technologies for building web apps in Java. Please feel free to share this and invite your coder friends and colleagues along!

The event starts at 8:00 PM and ends 10:30 PM. The beer and meetup itself is free of charge. The Meetup is held at Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center, 17 Boulevard Saint Jacques, Paris, 75014 France

After the meetup we’ll enjoy beer and snacks sponsored by Vaadin. We’ll be happy to offer you a drink and continue discussion in a more relaxed environment.

Please do register yourself to the event at
Meetup registration
, so that we that we know to reserve enough beer and food!


8:00 PM - Welcome, grab a beer! - Joonas Lehtinen / Vaadin

8:05 PM - Vaadin 7 FieldGroups and Converters - Nicolas Fränkel

8:25 PM - Vaadin 7 today and tomorrow - Joonas Lehtinen / Vaadin

Networking, short break

9:25 PM - Migration from Vaadin 6 to 7 - Henri Sara / Vaadin

9:40 PM - Vaadin support - Pekka Perälä / Vaadin

9:50 PM - State of the Vaadin Directory - Sami Ekblad / Vaadin


The event is part of Vaadin Developer Meetup series.

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