Vaadin grid
if possible first column check box now display select all row select. manually replace checkbox for status only header column and select “status” select all row



So you want to replace the “select all” checkbox with a button to select all?

yes sir

Not doable, at least not easily

if possible my image first column status replace the check box image

Not possible

thank you sir

css posiible sir

.metro .v-grid-column-header-content {content: url(img/noteWhitePaperSmall.png)! important;
height: 17px;
width: 17px;}

this affect all header of the grid table any idea for one column

hoe to write grid -column header-content in status grid column any idea

The multiselection column is autogenerated, there’s no way to access it outside of JavaScript

how to one line write css sir

any idea sir

or if possible The multiselection select one checkbox show checkbox only access manual access