Vaadin Grid with large number of columns freeze the browser

i m using vaadin 7.5.1 s grid component to show some stock trades. grid has about 75 columns and 70 rows. all cells have some data. grid is updated for every 2 seconds. when the page loads gris is working fine. but after some time (15 mins)grid becomes unresponsive. i ve checked the browser tab cpu and it is taking full cpu power to re render grid. is anyone aware of this issue? if so plese give me a way to solve this problem.


Do you use some custom renderers to display the data? Custom Renderers can cause issues if they for example create a new Widget on every call to render method. Any renderer using some kind of Widget should extend WidgetRenderer, implement the createWidget function and only modify the Widget through its API in the render method. If there are no custom renderers, meaning you use the ones provided in the Vaadin Framework, please list what you are using so we can test if there is a leak somewhere.