Vaadin Grid with Generated Properties and Sorting

I have several columns in a Vaadin Grid that only contain values of items that are in a sortable Container, but they’re added as Generated Properties as well due to the fact that there needs to be custom HTML/title to go with the value. With Generated Property and HtmlRenderer it works and renders fine, but using them makes all the columns unsortable. With a Table this could be done with a CellStyleGenerator I think, but there are several advantages with the Grid. Is there any workaround to fix this and make the columns sortable again?

Instead of using generated columns, you could use a html renderer together with a converter.
this wil keep the original values in the container for sorting, but will display your custom content on the Ui.

I have used this approach with Image renderer, and it works fine.


HtmlRenderer together with a Converter would work otherwise, but I need the object reference itself and not just the field the Converter has, as the html title-tag needs to contain some meta-information.