vaadin grid with combobox LitElement

I am using vaadin grid with LitElement. For one of the columns in the grid, I need to make it as custom column to provide a combobox from which user can select a a value. What I expect is the selected item in the combox should be shown in the grid column. But for me it always show as [Object Object]
.!/vigorous-tilapia?path=app.js:91:0 (There is a show button seen in the page when this url is opened, where you can see the working of the sample code)

I have a sample created to reproduce the issue here.
Thanks in advance for the help.

This answer might come too late, but looks like you need to set itemLabelPath="designation" for the combo box.

Thanks Pekka for the reply. It doesn’t look like working even after I set itemLabelPath=“designation”.In the meantime, I found out a workaround which is I have to confess not an elegant way.
Instead of “designation” I changed it to “label” and instead of “role” which is changed to “value” and it started working. label and value are default key value for vaadin-combo-box. Here is the working copy!/organized-cadmium?path=app.js:112:14
Hopefully, I can find a better way some day :slight_smile:

I wonder why it didn’t work for you. :confused: I just edited your example and it worked fine.