vaadin grid truncates data

I am trying out vaadin for the first time and no matter how I try to size the column width, the grid keeps truncating my data:


for (Field field : entityFields) {

Truncated display is attached.

Actual data in one of the truncated columns is: “Communication”: [{“Number”: “2111111111”, “Extension”: “”, “Qualifier”: “CP”}]

The mistake I made was that I was assuming the code was entering the for loop. It wasn’t. When I fixed that I could not execute the addColumn due to this error:

This method can’t be used for a Grid that isn’t constructed from a bean type. To construct Grid from a bean type, please provide a beanType argumentto the constructor: Grid grid = new Grid<>(Person.class)

If I declared the grid this way, then I got the below error on addColumn:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Multiple columns for the same property:

This is preventing me from using the grid.

any updates?