Vaadin grid.setBodyRowHeight() doesn't exist in latest version as specified

I’m trying to adjust the height of the rows since I’m using components and the
Grid documentation
says you can do this by calling setBodyRowHeight however that method no longer seems to be available…

I found the method setRowHeight() (the manual needs updating) however this also changes the column header row height which I don’t want, I just want the rows to be taller (so the component fits) and not the header row.

Hi, Yes in upcoming 8.2.0 there will be chnages in this, hopefully for the better. See the notes below.

That’s good to hear. It didn’t make sense the way it was setup now. It definitely didn’t match the screenshot from the user manual where it showed thumbails. As far as I could tell this was impossible to do.

Anyways good to hear that it’s expected to be released soon. That being said do you know if there’s a general date 8.2.0 is expected to be released? As in days, weeks, or months?