Vaadin Grid Server side pagination


We are currently looking for a grid that we’ll use for our angular2 app. We have a few requirements regarding our choice. I did find information in the documentation but not entirely :
Is it possible to use Vaadin grid with server side datasource, pagination (in the footer) and sorting data (each time a column is sorted, there is a call back to the server which sorts the whole datasource and responds with the new rows after sorting) at the same time?
Am I being clear? Did anyone tried this configuration?

Hi, and sorry for the late reply.

All of that is possible with vaadin-grid. Pagination is not a built-in feature, but you can accomplish that by using a fixed data size with a custom data source and paging controls that control which items the data source returns.

For a server side data source, see:

For sorting, see:

For a remote data source, you basically need to refresh the data source every time you get a sort-order-changed event, and pass the sorting information back to your server so that it returns the correct items based on the sorting.