Vaadin grid html - Horizontal scroll automatic go to position 0 when focus

Hi all,
I am getting an issue about vaadin grid when focus on it again.
When I scroll horizontal to right, then I click outside grid to lost focusing on that grid, when I click again on horizontal scrollbar - right arrow to move it. However, it scrolls from first column again.

Is there anyway to prevent this?

Are you able to reproduce the issue for example here ? I tried, but I’m not 100% sure of the exact steps (when to press what), and I don’t think I got it to behave like you describe.

If you can get that same behavior on the demo, you should file a ticket at

I am not able to reproduce the issue on example site.
My grid columns generate by using a dom repeat like this

<vaadin-grid items="[[items]
<template is="dom-repeat" items="{{columns}}" as="col">
	<vaadin-grid-column width="14em" resizable>
		<template class="header">[[col.title]
		<template>{{_getCellValue(item, col)}}</template>

My steps are:

  1. Move horizontal scroll to right.
  2. Click outside of grid to lost focusing on grid.
  3. Click on “horizontal scroll - right arrow” to move scroll.
  4. Horizontal scroll jumps to left, it not move from current position.

In here, I think my issue can be I generate columns dynamic.
Waiting for you reply


Can you create a full working example that demonstrates the issue?


This is video to demo the issue

You should put that video (maybe along with some code on how to recreate the same) in the new issue you can create here: