vaadin-grid how to update table data using data binding

Is there a way to update the grid/table data using Polymer’s data binding mechanism or is another mechanism required? If another mechanism is required, I would appreciate pointer to documentation or better yet an example showing this (: Thanks!


have you seen the
Using Polymer data binding with Vaadin Grid
video tutorial? Does the example in the video apply to your use case?

Also check out the
Using iron-ajax with vaadin-grid

In short: binding the vaaadin-grid attribute


to a datasource will populate the grid as expected.

Thank you for the replies.

My need was to
the Vaadin grid during runtime. After trying a few mechanism, I ended up firing a custom “update” event on the element:

this.$ ( "update", this.vitals ); and my custom update event listener in my element:

update : function ( event, info ) { = info; this.$.table.items =; this.$.table.size =; this.$.table.refreshItems(); } Hope that will help someone else…