vaadin-grid-filter path to use for Array of String

Here is the code snippet of my situation

<vaadin-grid items="[[_someArray]
    <template class="header">
      <vaadin-grid-filter aria-label="Sample" path="" value="[[_filterName]
        <input slot="filter" placeholder="Filter by Name" value="{{_filterName::input}}" focus-target>

Where _someArray is just an array of string say [‘A’,‘B’,‘C’]

The table basically just list the array content out. From all the example I can find that vaadin-grid-filter need the _someArray to be an array of objects to be able search and filter on subproperties. Is there any way aroudn this? I need to keep the _someArray as it is as I need the selected-items to be an Array of strings to work with other modules in the stack else it might trickle the program in to a infinit event loop.

Thank you in advance.