Vaadin Grid Editor issues with bigger grids

Hi Guys,

In my project, I used a vaadin grid with 65 columns with inline edit. Only 10 fields are editable, which is spread across different loactions in the grid (Beginning , Middle and End). If I directly click on the editable fields in the beginning and end, there is no issue, grid editor opens properly. But when I click on the middle editable cells directly, the editor opens, but the alignment is worse. Please find the attachment. (Looks like when the scroll bar is not toching in any of the grid side, the issue happens)

This happens only for the first time. If I cancel the editor and click again, it will get opened properly. Similarly, If I click on the non editable columns in the middle area, there is no issues. Could you please help.


One more point- Width is set to all coloumns

Same problem here. I tried with several browsers. Anyone solved it?
I’m using Vaadin 7.7.8.