Vaadin Grid Content overlapping on Grid header in Vaadin 7

Vaadin Grid Content overlapping on Grid header when scrolling. I am using vaadin 7 framework and customize theme, facing overlaps problem with Gird content when trying to scroll the content of grid its overlapping over the grid header.resize browser.
17448408.docx (31.6 KB)

Theming Grid may be tricky, since it has also some internal logic, that dynamically uses styles. If you try to modify those, there will be weird outcomes. In Vaadin 8 there is added support to set header, body, and footer row heights independently.

Hi Tatu,
Thank you for your response. Could you please recommend something on this?

It is difficult give pin point answer since I do not know what exactly you are trying to achieve. However as generic advice I would say that try first to use regular documented customization options like style generator, or Valo theme variables.