Vaadin Grid Column resize does not work with header row.

Column nameColumn = grid.addColumn(Person::getName)

// Setting a column-key allows fetching the column later

When you want to column to be resizeable you set the column setResizable method. Demo works fine.

But the moment i add

grid.appendHeaderRow() or grid.prependHeaderRow() - the column resize stops working. I want a filter textbox on each column of the grid and thats why i add the header row.

But when you do grid.appendFooterRow() - column resize still works.

Hello Srinivasan,

this issue is commented here:

There is a workaround for it:

column.getElement().callFunction("setAttribute", "resizable", true);

It seems that the issue was fixed by this pull request [Support multiple resizable groups]
(, so in the future it should not be a problem.