Vaadin Grid and ItemClickListener doesn't work properly with Double Click

Hello all,

having an ItemClickListener on a Grid works fine most of the time.

If one tries to detect a double click, this is what happens:

3 events are being sent. The first two have event.isDoubleClick() == false and a
one occurs which has

event.isDoubleClick() == true However, when a cell has something else other than text rendered in it (ie. an image or even Html with the respective renderer) and the user double-clicks on the image or the rendered html only the first two events occur - meaning the 3rd one that “sends” the double click is never being sent to the server.

If the user clicks on text or blank space everything works as it should.

Anyone has any insights on this?


This is interesting. We have somewhat similar case being registered before, but we couldn’t replicate it here.

Thanks for the reply,
the issue you linked me to is indeed similar but it occurs after using the scrollbar and then clicking anywhere on the line.

Our case does not involve the scrollbar it involves where you double click on that line (on rendered images or html).

Should I open a new issue on Github?