Vaadin, GoogleAppEngine and the RegexpValidator ...

Very strange …

I evaluate using Vaadin with Google App Engine.

I use a simple Form object (the origin was the Vaadin sampler form), and everything works fine.
But if I add a RexexpValidator, something went wront and the bean object that represent the form model is lost.

I am aware that I have to use the GAEApplicationServlet and the appengine-web.xml must include the

As I said everything works until I add the RegexpValidator.

Any Idea?
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Do you get any log messages on what went wrong? There may be some issue with serialization of the RegexpValidator. If serialization for anything your application refers to does not work, then the application won’t work at all in Google App Engine. A quick look at the RegExpValidator shows it has a Matcher field which is not transient and I don’t think a Matcher is serializable. So if you copy/paste the RegExpValidator to your project and add “transient” to “private Matcher matcher” you might get it to work.

Maybe the use of Matcher object as a member within the RegexpValidator is the problem as Matcher is not serializable ?

Tested it and this is the problem. Created ticket

Sorry, you are SO FAST :smiley:

It has been fixed now, try the next nightly :slight_smile: