Vaadin + Go?

I’ve been using Vaadin successfully for several years now. It looks like I’m going to have to write some code using Go (golang) over the next few months. I’m going to need to build some UI code along with it. Is there any easy way to combine Go code with the Vaadin UI? I’m guessing the answer is no, but maybe?? Are there any plans for Vaadin to produce a UI library for Go?

If not, does anyone have any thoughts about what I could use to produce a GUI in a desktop or web application written in Go? Thanks for any pointers at all…

Much obliged,


Well 3 years ago this was a bit of a pipe dream, but with the latest Vaadin Flow versions which also work with Polymer, Angular, React and Vue I think this would actually be doable now. The github project go-astilectron does something like you are describing, but that project has no real widgets. A new framework using the same tricks could be done using the new Vaadin components making them available to both web ui’s and desktop ui’s.
When go 2.x arrives with generics etc it will become an increasingly interesting alternative to Java. The problem I am seeing with Java now is that it’s getting really expensive real fast if you need like 50 memory hungry pods in a Kubernetes cluster. Sure, developing a Springboot app is very fast and very comfortable when you are used to it, but let’s now compare the annual AWS/Azure bill for running 50 micro-service and web-app pods using JVM’s and the same pods written in go and I expect it to be cheaper.